Document, Don’t Create – Hat Tip Gary Vaynerchuck

First, watch this video…

The history books are written by the successors. Well, if everyone had been documenting their journey, we would be able to decide for ourselves, the real history behind everything. I’ve always documented and recorded like a maniac – but never published it publicly. Seeing this video, I admit, besides admiring Gary… I’m inspired to give it a go. And the one thing that both Gary and myself agree on is – Just Start.

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Documenting Vs. Creating

Creating requires effort, making it a craft – putting pieces together and delivering the product, i.e. “the end result”. But very often, I advise my students – don’t mistake the process for the event, or the end. Whereas document, comes with it all the mistakes, the errors, the live, real thing… unedited, uncensored.

Document, Don’t Create.

We’re no longer in the attention economy, we’re in the trust economy. Unless you’re being your real self – people will not trust you. People are generally fed up of all the politically correct statements, the creation of utopia, the act as if. Being yourself is probably the best thing you can do for yourself going forward. Do yourself a favor.