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Gain tremendously from my experience in investing and trading, grab all the strategies, tactics, tips and techniques for building wealth.

Blockchain – Winds Of Change Upon Us?

A war is going on, but you probably don’t know about it. The sad thing is that the money you have in your pocket is being used for it. Every country which is trying to boost its exports, is devaluing its currency. Also known as competitive devaluation of the

How To Control Your Financial Destiny With These 3 Numbers

Just like with every business, you have certain KPIs like net cash flow, customer acquisition, burn rate etc. Have you ever thought you should have some personal KPIs. How do you know you’re at peak performance? What’s setting you back… do you need a tweak or a complete

The Art Of Due Diligence

It’s surprising that we spend more time on researching the best cars and gadgets than we do when buying companies. And yet cars and gadgets are depreciating assets that generate no cash flow (ok, maybe not the case if you’re chauffeuring a Uber). Before private equity investors plunk

The fortune is in the follow-up

You’ve probably heard the famous phrase used by sales executives. “The fortune is in the follow up”And it’s true. Because nothing happens overnight, relationships are built over time. Here’s what happened recently. I was looking for a new chair, My preference was for a Herman Miller

Direct Investing Vs. Co-Investing – What’s Your Core Competency?

There’s a great incentive for Limited Partners (investors) to do direct investing or co-investing with their General Partners (fund managers), especially in the middle market or growth capital stage. No Fee. No Carry. (Reminds me of the Bob Marley song – No Women, No Cry). The risks are aplenty in

The Art Of Investing In Art

A Picasso masterpiece, the “Women of Algiers” was sold for close to USD 180 million, the highest ever for a painting. My father was an avid painter, whilst he was studying medicine, he took up another room just for his paintings. He conducted two exhibitions of his own, and today

Where did all the investors go?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if someone walked up to you and said… “Hi, my name is Joe and I’m an investor. I want to allow you to use my money in your deals!” Keep dreaming. Investors are typically not hiding. It’s just that you don’t know

What if money no longer existed?

“Own Nothing Control Everything” – John D RockefellerWhile it’s still not clear what Rockefeller was talking about. I’ll take a guess he was talking about using Trusts or modern day Limited Liability Company (LLC)’s to hold the assets which he could control, protecting his family form financial predators.
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