Productivity & Time

Looking to increase your productivity? Check out this collection of posts that discuss productivity tips, strategies and tactics.

The Giant Slayer Effect

When you think of David & Goliath, you wonder how a scruffy little guy could take down a giant. Was it just with the stone that he used? How could something so small, smaller than David’s hand knock out a huge giant like Goliath? The law of physics. We

Get $HIT Done: Top 3 Hacks To Get More Done In Less Time

Time being the most precious resource you have. Wouldn’t you like to try to make the best of it? Here’s how… this is just the tip of the iceberg, and forms part of the framework to increase your productivity and get $hit done! 1. Prioritize – this is where

The Real Reason Leaders Wake Up Early

I’ve tried it all, accountability partners, apps, the latest tactics, techniques – anything and everything – but that doesn’t take away the fact that I’m still stuck in front of the computer! That’s not what I wanted… I wanted more time. Call it lifestyle entrepreneur, lifestyle trader or

The Disciplined Art Of Decision Making For Leaders…

“You can either pay the price of discipline… or the price of regret. Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tonnes.” – Jim RohnHere’s the problem, it sounds easy to make a decision – but when you own the decision, you become responsible for it and suddenly the weight of the decision increases.

Do THIS if you want to become hugely successful…

You’ve probably heard of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Surrender Experiment or some investment banker who became a poor monk. Whatever the case, more and more people are seeking inner peace because they can’t find it where they are. It’s come to this. We follow

Do One Thing

I thought I’d pay my tributes to Richard Russell, an investment newsletter writer who was single handedly been writing The Dow Theory Letters. He passed away crossing the age of 91. That’s a lifespan of knowledge, experience and a sort of fatherly wisdom. You can read more about
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