By Jose Paul Martin • Thoughts, Essays & Observations...

Here's Why Site Ground Sucks!

SiteGround is good, but not when you grow. I've found a better solution, read on to find which one we're using now...

Ghost CMS - Installing & Tinkering

Learn how to install Ghost CMS locally on your Mac OS, and tinker with the theme.

The Rules of Meditation

You’ve probably heard of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Surrender Experiment or some investment banker who became a poor monk. Whatever the case, more and more people are seeking inner peace because they can’t find it where they are. Some even follow Transcendental Meditation. It’s

Idea Generators Vs. Idea Implementors

Here's a challenge, but before you take it up, read this - and decide which is more important - idea generators or idea implementors.

Humility – Intellectual & Spiritual

What better way to start the new year, and the new decade than with some introspection. Quite often, we believe we are right and want to prove and even defend our righteousness. To summarize, I would call 2019 – a year of protests! Across the world, you name it, some sort

Superhuman – The FASTEST Email Experience Ever!

Do you really need the fastest email experience? Does it make you more productive? Is it worth paying $360 per year?

How To Test Your Website By Editing Your Local Host File (Mac OS)

When you migrate from your website to a new server, and you want to double check everything is fine before pointing your DNS to the new server’s IP address.

No Email Policy (How I Stopped Using Email To Double My Productivity)

Would a no-email policy even be possible? Sounds absurd. Yet, if you think about it, at the back of your mind - you know there might be something to it...
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