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From The Desk Of Jose Paul Martin
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Dear Friend, Fellow Investor, Entrepreneur…

GROWTH CAPITAL is something every company needs. I’ve made it my goal to help businesses like yours GROW and SCALE a more profitable business so it can give you the financial rewards and freedom you deserve – to create an amazing life that you love.

And I understand that finding an advisor you can trust is difficult these days and being competent requires a unique set of skills.  The skills that get you from $0 dollars to $5 million are very different from the skills that will get you from $5 million to $50 million. 

The right combination requires one to be part- master relationship builder  (to source and originate deals), part- legal eagle  (to negotiate and execute agreements), part- financial wizard  (to understand financials and build operating models) and part- management consultant  (to add value through growth and scale) – and with my clients and readers, I share my insights from all these areas, so you can move from complexity to clarity, with confidence.

In a world overwhelmed by information, insight is often in short supply.

In order to be successful in this field, you also need to maintain a strong network of relationships with banks, financial institutions, investment bankers, advisory firms and brokerages. You also need to deal with High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions who seek to put their money to better use.

We go by different names; Merchant Banker, Private Equiteer, Private Equity Dealmaker, Professional Investor – but at the end of the day, we are alchemists; people who like to mix and match the financial needs of the cautious investor with those of the free-spirited business owner, helping both grow faster and further.

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Building businesses is a process

I’d like to share with you proven, proprietary frameworks, business, models, and tools I’ve perfected that will help you GROW and SCALE your business and can be applied to ANY business, ANYWHERE in the world. So let’s dive in, shall we?

But first, a few important questions…

  • Have you ever gotten to a point in your business where you hit a “plateau”?
  • Or have you ever felt burned out, stagnant, or even ended up hating the business you used to love?

Of course you have.

Because GROWTH is like a staircase. It’s a series of plateaus.

I’ll help you break through those plateaus faster…

How? By opening your eyes to the proprietary frameworks and business models I’ve developed over the last 15 years.

You see, these tools and processes produce simple but profound shifts in the way you think about your business. It allows the entrepreneur’s heart, head and soul to align – and once that happens, large-scale growth happens almost automatically.

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How did I learn all of this?

It has been a long journey – and a whole lot of (roll-up-your-sleeves) WORK and FOCUS.

During that time I also did high level consulting – showing business owners how to use simple business models to dramatically GROW and SCALE their businesses, and help them get maximum value for their business if they decided to SELL it.

Over the course of my career – I’ve learned that the same principles used to run a successful private equity firm, are also the same principles used to run a successful software company or to run a successful service company.

I have distilled these success principles into the FUNDAMENTAL business lessons and frameworks that anyone can use, regardless of your industry, product or service.

By investing in myself and growing my businesses I’ve been able to create FREEDOM. Freedom of money, time, place, relationships or purpose.

I have been blessed to be in a very unique situation to be involved with the buying and selling of so many different, yet profitable businesses, in so many different industries.

I’ve covered emerging markets like Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and South Asia. I’ve collectively worked on deals over USD 300 million ranging from pure-play venture capital to USD 100 million management buyouts in addition to overseeing a flagship fund and actively managing portfolio companies. It has given me a unique view into what it takes to make a business successful.

And now it’s MY mission in life, to create positive change in the world by being “The Entrepreneurs’ Advisor & Investor’s Friend”.

Helping entrepreneurs like YOU grow, scale and succeed in your business and achieve even more freedom in your life.

Who is the real Jose Paul Martin, and where does his story begin?

In 1999, fresh out of college with a degree in business administration, majoring in finance and marketing I joined an investment bank called Merrill Lynch.

There I was thrown into the deep end and asked to swim amongst the sharks. And soon enough, I started to see how people could make obscene sums of money. Anything with a dot.com was hot, whether they had revenues or not! But that was just the beginning…

During that period, the itch began… to startup something, hit an IPO and be on the face of Fortune or Forbes. Six months in, I decided it was time to take the jump or miss the boat… I was used to trading from a young age, but you couldn’t trade your way to millions at this rate.

Building a business, without venture capital or investors was not going to be easy either. And I knew nothing about building businesses, so I figured that entering the world of management consulting would be the best way to learn about growing businesses from the outside.

By the end of 2000, the markets had crashed and I was on course to completing my MBA and on track to joining one of the big 4 consulting and audit firms – Arthur Andersen. And from there, to other consulting firms E&Y and BDO. After completing half a decade in consulting, it was time to reflect, to transform, and to reinvent as Tom Peters would say.

By now I was hooked, from starting up with just 12 members to building businesses with over 4,000 – the adrenaline rush keeps you wanting more. And to satisfy this hunger, I joined a brand new venture capital and private equity firm on the island of Bahrain.

Little did I know at the time, that I’d spend the next decade funding and building businesses to the tune of $300 million. And then in 2016, I took another leap of faith and moved from investing for High Net Worth Individuals to co-founding Eqoris Ventures & Advisors.

Today, my day job is running an M&A Advisory called Eqoris Advisors, but on the side I am the chairman of Eqoris Ventures, which is setting up the Falcon, Hawk & Eagle Funds (yes, they are birds of prey) and I help formulate the business and product strategy with the rest of the team.

I’ve also been Eqoris Group’s primary funding source from when the company was just three people and a presentation/business plan.

How do you pronounce your name?

Ok, nearly every conversation I have begins with… “how do you pronounce your name, is it Jose, Jose or Jose?”

You can call me either Joe or JPM for short. The French pronounce it José (Jozay), the Spanish pronounce it Jose (Hosae), the Americans pronounce it Jose (Hosay), the English probably say it best with Jose (Jose, like Joseph, but without the “ef”) and yes my Indian comrades pronounce it Jose (Joz).

JPM – The Productivity Ninja

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m big on productivity and using technology to squeeze out life from every single second. I hate people who waste time, but love those who value it like their life depended on it.

JPMartin – The High Priest Of Finance

If it wasn’t for a cease and desist letter from a company with a well-known brand name in finance, I might have been dubbed the old timer’s younger brother.

I never really understood accounting, but I was brilliant at maths. I hated history, yet I’m a student of finance and learning mistakes made over the centuries helped me create a wealthier future for my family and friends.

The world is indoctrinated with the false beliefs about money, some of it stems from religion, some of it from what our parents taught us as children.

The three things most people don’t know about money, which is what I aim to teach with my private membership site are:

I call them the three Ms… of Money.

How to…

  • Make Your Money (How to MAKE money)
  • Manage Your Money (How to KEEP Money)
  • Multiply Your Money (How to MULTIPLY Money)

Making money is hard, keeping it is harder. But multiplying your money is the hardest. You see, money is like lifeblood, it lubricates the economy, it is spiritual and you need to understand the secrets behind it, in order to control it. Unfortunately, way too many people are expecting others to manage their money for them. No one can manage your money better than you do.

Everyone should be an investor. It is possible to learn the language of investors, invest on your own, and invest in a way that is both profitable and fun. But that does not mean it’s easy. Let me show you how…

It’s not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.

Charlie Munger
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Grandfather was a teacher, dad was a teacher, and me…

Well, you’ve probably heard the phrase – “Those who don’t do, teach”.

And honestly, that’s a whole lot of B.S. and probably explains two things… why education is a massive business and why the world progresses. In India, we have a famous saying from the scholars…

Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivum…

Which is translates from Sanskrit to mean: Mother, Father, Teacher, God. It refers to the ascending order in which we should respect and revere. Your mother brings you into the world, she points you to your father who she knows best, who points you to further learning from your teacher, who ultimately points you to all wisdom – God.

So teaching runs in the blood, and it requires mastery. It’s not easy to teach for only those who master their topic can. In fact you become a better master when you do teach. And only a master can take something complex and simplify it.

I’ve had my fair share of teachers who were crap. No offense to them. Just that they really didn’t master the topic, and as a result – no one was engaged, enlivened by their teaching. There are those who of course were masters… they kindled in me the love for physics and maths.

Ok, enough of the higher than thou philosophy. The fact is I’m an educator and I love to entertain and be entertained (big movie buff here). And teaching is one of the best things you can do in life. As they say in Med School (my dad’s a doctor, so I’ve heard this many times)…

Watch one, do one, teach one.

I’m a morning person, up at 5 sometimes earlier.

I’m not sure if this was a habit that developed – but I’ve always enjoyed waking up early. From my school days, when my dad would wake me up at 5, so I could get ready by 6 to reach school – to sharing a hostel room with a night owl (he’d go to sleep at 3 am and wake me up so I could start my day), which meant our lights would be on throughout.

The habit stuck. It’s been over seven years since I’ve used an alarm clock – I just wake up before sunrise and get stuff done before anyone wakes up!

I have a heart for food, and my wife knows that!

When I married Maria, I never bothered to ask whether she knew how to cook. I thought it was a given, that women were good at cooking (ok, I don’t have any sisters, so my only female role model was my mum, who is btw an excellent cook!)

Now, she’s a celebrity food blogger in her own right. The only credit I can take is 1) asking her to start MariasMenu, 2) taking on the role of CTO – Chief Tasting/Technology Officer. Both of which require pre-eminent skill sets!

I may not have an Ivy League education, but I do have a PhD in RESULTS. Don’t take my word for it… see what others say:

Ask some of my friends, colleagues and business associates on LinkedIn what they think. And while you’re there, remember to connect.

Jose is a thorough professional with an in depth understanding of financial markets. His strength is his ability to instill confidence and he has an eye for detail.

Anil Radhakrishan, Group CEO, Adani Group

Jose is an astute investor, with a pulse on the marketplace. His knowledge and depth go across domains and geographies and his inputs are extremely valuable, to both potential investors and entrepreneurs.

Kalpesh Desai, CEO, Financial Technologies

Jose is a unique professional and above all an excellent human being who has the ability and willingness to help those who are willing to learn and improve.

Arun Govind, Managing Director, ARHC Consultants

Jose’s amazing presentation style helped in delivering the key message of the presentation to the audience appropriately. He demonstrates in-depth knowledge on the global economic situations, various sectors and key issues of deal making during our verbal discussions.

Rakesh Shah, General Manager, Chaudary Group

Jose leaves no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored, which ensures that he obtains the appropriate knowledge of the company and industry that he evaluates.

Vivek Shenoy, Head of Internal Audit, Ithmaar Bank

Jose is a bright advisor with excellent leadership qualities and one who is able to lead his team to achieve set goals. An extremely good professional with complete understanding of his field…

Abdulla Rahma, Managing Partner, ORIENT MiddleEast Advisory

Jose is a highly skilled facilitator, creative thinker and one of the best business consultants I’ve seen. His extensive knowledge sharing through various workshops for both junior and senior staff have contributed greatly.

Derrick D’Costa, InvestTrade

Ok, enough said about me. What about you? How can I help you? Maybe you’d like to know what I’m working on now, then this is the page.


Sign Off - Jose Paul Martin

Jose Paul Martin
Advisor, Investor, Trader & Rational Optimist

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