Jose Paul Martin

Jose Paul Martin

From Kochi, Kerala, India
Managing Partner: Encapita Investment Group • Venture Partner: Activa Venture Fund • Chief Trading Officer: Zencapita • Chief Tasting Officer: MariasMenu

Culture Code

Culture Beats Strategy - build & cultivate your culture code best practices by learning from successful companies that employ thousands of talented people.

Clothes Make A Man

After having worn suits for close to 20 years. And having gone tie-less for 3 years & resolving never to wear a suit again - I can tell you a few things...

Why The WordPress Model Works

If you haven’t heard of WordPress, just know that is the largest content management system (CMS for short) that powers a large majority of the websites on the internet. And they’re free. Free as in freedom, not as in beer.

Strategic Investors Vs. Financial Investors

When you’re creating your investor avatar, you first need to understand that there are basically two types of investors – 1) Financial Investors & 2) Strategic Investors. Know the difference so you can maximize transaction value...

India Incorporated (How To Incorporate In India)

How much will it cost to register & incorporate a company in India? How long will the process take? What are the requirements & options? Find out more:

Specialization Vs. Generalization & Renaissance

Generalization Vs. Specialization. Think about defining yourself outside the box of generalists or specialists with renaissance man.

Welcome 2019. Are You Ready?

As part of my tradition, to review the previous year and look into the next year - I ask myself some hard questions. But some questions are...

Here’s Why I Broke Up With Dropbox & Switched To Google Drive…

Find out why I broke up with Dropbox and switched to Google Drive. Was it because the Desk Is Dead or because Google was a bigger platform for the cloud?
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