The Checklist Manifesto [Book Review / Summary]

The tick, the check, the mark – a small symbol that makes a huge difference to our lives.

However, todo lists are stressful. The moment something is on the list, you’re pushed to get it done, otherwise your brain has a way focusing on it until it gets done, using up all your cognitive power. And as the day goes by your list will grow, not get smaller.

Here’s a hack that I learned from Goldman Sachs – only have 3 items on your list and get them done. That’s it. Sounds very simple.

Even Warren Buffett suggested something along those lines. I’m not sure if he stole it from Goldman Sachs, maybe his stake in the company brought in some value! Anyways, he suggested writing down a list of 25 things that need to get done and only focus on the top 5 before anything else.

It’s all about priority, not priorities – you can’t have more than one priority at a time. It’s singular.

This post is not about what you’re going to do. But what you should be doing.

You see, I know a doctor who does surgeries on people. And if he misses something in that surgery, you can bet it’s going to cause a whole tonne of problems. Imagine, you’re being operated on and the doctor leaves the stainless steel scalpel in you after stitching you up!

That’s not a to-do item, that’s a don’t-mess-things-up item. It’s something he needs to reminded before it’s done.

Dr Atul Gawande, couldn’t stand seeing such mistakes happen in life so he wrote The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right to show you how a simple tool – the checklist – could make the difference between life and death. But that’s just part of the story…

The Checklist Manifesto - Atul Gawande

It’s not limited to the medical field, even Investors and Fund Managers (like Monish Prabhai) are using it. I even have one, and the results are amazing!

Have you ever flown a plane? Even pilots use a checklist – it’s that damn heavy book they have in the cockpit and go through before take off and landing.

That’s when it got me thinking, why isn’t there a checklist on preparing pitch decks and pitching. I mean something that covers every thing to get you investor-ready.

So I started studying the greats, researching, writing and editing a whole tonne of information and distilled it into a concise 15 page document that will ensure you don’t miss anything.

Whether you chose to join PitchProcess sometime or get ready for the next investor meeting, I want to make sure you have this checklist to get funded.

It shows you exactly what you need to get your pitch deck ready. And it can be yours today. Just click here to download your Perfect Pitch Deck Checklist now.