Coaching – Peak Performance, Productivity & Meditation

Have you ever had a personal trainer? I haven’t, but I know someone who did. He told me the trainer was there to kick his rear end. Sound kinda like a nice job, go around kicking a$$ and get paid for it! Why was my friend paying for it? Well, because it worked – he not only lost weight, but also got lucky.

I thought I’d put myself under the knife, and get coached – so I found Kendra, she’s an amazing coach… I never thought that she could help me, so I told her about a project that I’ve been trying to work on for the last few months, but never got around to doing it.

Then things changed, slowly but surely, Kendra was getting me to review my work, my schedule, my calendar. She gave me some tools to help me along the way, and over the next few months she checked in regularly with me to hear from me.

Progress. Finally, I made some progress… after I achieved my goal – I thanked Kendra and moved on. That was my introduction to coaching.

Two years later, I’m now coaching others… whilst most of it is business coaching, I’m also building up my coaching practice in peak performance, productivity and meditation.

I use my own frameworks, strategies and tactics that I’ve learnt over the years. They draw upon East and West philosophies, arts and sciences, ancient and modern thought.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter your age, or profession or gender – thanks to technology, you’ll work with me over the phone, skype, email or chat.You’re welcome to work with me, or inquire more anytime, and I hope you will.

Either way, you were meant to live a life of meaning, progress and richness! I hope you’ll leave a legacy, a life full of satisfaction that will impact hundreds if not thousands around you.