Culture Code

The other day, I was having a chat with my buddy who runs an IT company, and as we were discussing his business. I asked him about how he was developing the culture. That’s when I realized one thing.

Very few businesses understand culture, and how important it is.

In fact, culture is more important than strategy. 

A strategy can set the direction, when you’re not around. But culture sets how things are done, when you’re not around.

To give you a better idea of how important culture is, and it’s not something you just “say” with buzzwords, and it isn’t something that other’s evolve. It’s something you can mold over time. It won’t happen overnight, it will take time. Listen to what Netflix’s Chief Talent Office had to say about how their Culture Deck evolved and got 19 million views.

And here’s is the Netflix Culture Deck she talks about, along with others that I felt had something to share.

Check out the latest version

I also dove into a couple of great companies that in total employ thousands – which ultimately says that “hey, don’t re-invent the wheel – we’ve done it all before”. You could pick the best practice from each, and build it into your own companies DNA. I call this grafting…

Here’s Google:

And here’s Linkedin…

Spotify which recently got listed….

Asana, which we used for Project Management…

Hubspot, which I think is probably the best CRM (but most expensive!)

I’m really fascinated by the truths of Peter Drucker, and he couldn’t have said this better…

Culture eats Strategy for breakfast

Peter Drucker