Life Time Deals (LTDs) – are they worth it?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and White Wednesday. All are opportunities to sell stuff that people want & make money. It’s also an opportunity to buy stuff that you don’t need & lose money.

Nothing wrong with that. That’s what commerce is all about. But it all depends on who is buying and selling!

You may like to think that you’ve got a good bargain, but I’ve been wondering if that really is the case. Thanks to Appsumo, I’ve got some great bargains! There is no doubt about that :)

But as I go over the 70 deals that I’ve bought (since 2014), which works out to roughly $3,500 if you consider an average price of the lifetime deals as $50 (not including the stacking of codes) – you can’t but help wonder how many of them do you really use. Well, I went over and noticed some things…

There are good deals, and there are great deals. And there are some really gone bad deals.

Are Life Time Deals or LTDs worth it in the long run?

And that goes without saying, I’ve asked for refunds back – thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee of Appsumo. Sometimes, because when you try the software out, you realize what’s missing and what isn’t working as per your expectations and sometimes, because there is a better deal within the 2 months from when you signed up. Just go for the best!

Think of it like this, it’s a form of investment – aka crowdsourcing to get funding to work on a product and improve it. However, sometimes, there are hardly any improvements in the coming months, and the developers fail to deliver. That’s the worst part. And there have been a few of them…

But keeping the pessimism aside, supporting a developer and getting a bargain in the process is great! The problem starts when the developer has oversold what he’s going to deliver and probably can’t continue to develop the product further due to lack of funding. The Appsumoers are a tough bunch, really pushing the envelope with these developers!

And if you’re a deal junkie, you could run the risk of shelving a lot of deals that you’re not really going to use. On the other hand, you could do this as a source of income (though I’m not sure it’s worth the effort sometimes) as do WP Crafter & That LTD Life or SaasMaster do by producing review videos, with a link to the product. Check out some of their videos below…

If you’re wondering which deals I’ve got the most value from, well, in no particular order:

The last six, I still use, because they are real lifetime deals, unlike the first two were based on a limited amount.

So is it really worth paying a good sum? Well, it depends. (I know, that’s not a great answer)

Some deals I honestly feel really worth it, but you need to ask yourself if you would be using the product in 5 or 10 years from now.

Difficult to say, I know. But by asking that question, at least you’re taking a more serious look. Or as one friend put it: I made a massive saving… by not shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday!