You May Have Life, And Have It Abundantly

Here’s an interesting question. How much do you give away?

Do you? Do you give something to charity… or to others, without expecting anything in return?

For some reason, we’re hardwired as humans to find joy in giving away, whether it be giving to strangers or your tribe. There’s a sense of fulfillment. Even Andrew Carnegie, wanted to give back to society…

Carnegie believed in using his fortune for others and doing more than making money. He wrote (emphasis mine):

I propose to take an income no greater than $50,000 per annum! Beyond this I need ever earn, make no effort to increase my fortune, but spend the surplus each year for benevolent purposes! Let us cast aside business forever, except for others. Let us settle in Oxford and I shall get a thorough education, making the acquaintance of literary men. I figure that this will take three years active work. I shall pay especial attention to speaking in public. We can settle in London and I can purchase a controlling interest in some newspaper or live review and give the general management of it attention, taking part in public matters, especially those connected with education and improvement of the poorer classes. Man must have no idol and the amassing of wealth is one of the worst species of idolatry! No idol is more debasing than the worship of money! Whatever I engage in I must push inordinately; therefore should I be careful to choose that life which will be the most elevating in its character. To continue much longer overwhelmed by business cares and with most of my thoughts wholly upon the way to make more money in the shortest time, must degrade me beyond hope of permanent recovery. I will resign business at thirty-five, but during these ensuing two years I wish to spend the afternoons in receiving instruction and in reading systematically!

What you appreciate, appreciates…

This links in with gratitude, if you’re thankful that you have more than enough – you’re willing to give it away. It can be an abundance of time, an abundance of money, an abundance of relationships.

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When you believe you have more than enough, you can give. Think about it, you can only give what you’ve got. And that’s exactly what we all want – we want abundance. But the paradox, is only if you have abundance, can you give it away.

Or you could be like Uncle $crooge, and hoard everything. Clinging onto things that will sap your life away. What do you prefer? A life of abundance or…