How Eisenhower helped me slay the ASAP beast

When someone says ASAP (a small four letter word that destroys productivity), it diminishes the value of any other request that doesn’t have ASAP.

Kerala Floods – The Worst In A Century?

When my paternal grandfather was alive, he had mentioned that a very serious flood swept across Kerala. That was 1924. Could this be the worse Kerala floods a century?

Does your country have what it takes to become the next startup hub?

Could you reproduce Silicon Valley elsewhere, or is there something unique about it? While many have asked, only few like Bahrain have what it takes.

Get $hit Done With This Extremely Simple Productivity Tool

Learn how Time Blocking with the Pomodoro Technique is the best way to get more done in 25 minutes, so you can build focus and maximize productivity!

Picking The Right Time To Target The Right Investors

When is the best time in a startup's life cycle to raise venture capital? Find out what The PITCHPROCESS says... [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

The #1 Key Metric Investors Won’t Talk To You About

Entrepreneurs in the process of raising capital need to understand what investors are really looking for & whether 3 or 5 years projections should be used.

How To Raise Venture Capital Funding (Ultimate Guide)

Want to raise Venture Capital for your startup? Read this before and you could increase your chances of raising the right amount for your need

Why I Practice Transcendental Meditation

So why should you practice TM? Well, it has a lot to do with centering your thoughts, and placing balance back into your life, when you do this, you open up channels, dimensions that would never have been seen. And it’s not difficult. Here's why...
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