All you need is…

In a world of high-tech, more and more businesses, like it or not, are seeing the importance of high-touch. Yes, technology can help you automate or even obliterate the traditional way of work – but it doesn’t replace the human touch.

As technology pervades our life, there will be a premium for human interface… but more on this later.

If you’re big into ‘networking’ or I what I would politely call ‘relationship building’ then there’s one book that must have come across. It’s written by best selling author Keith Ferrazzi. And the book has an equally interesting title that will change your life – “Never Eat Alone” as in you should never eat alone… simple, yet profound.

When I read the book, it was an eye-opener… not only did Keith address the hunches I have about networking and the futility of going to networking events, but he also brought back the ‘humanity’ to building real long lasting relationships.

I was fortunate to join Keith’s first batch when he launched the Relationship Master Academy (now called MyGreenlight) and became an Ambassador for the program.

Business relationships = Personal Relationships

This formula changed the way I thought about relationships. I used to keep the two as silos, keeping my business relationships separate from my personal ones. I know many still do that today…

But by keeping those silos, you’re closing off opportunities to make some good friends for life. At the end of the day, you’re not dealing with a faceless corporation… you’re dealing with real people, flesh and blood.

I spent the next part of that year, converting those Business Relationships into Personal Relationships – what happened next is what dreams are made of.

If you’re an introvert, you may be thinking – technology is easier – you input something, you get some output – it’s predictable.

Yes, people are different, they’re complex things with a whole set of emotions to deal with – that’s difficult. But that’s exactly what makes them unique… bring out the best in them, and you can beat a machine any day. No amount of code can replace that.

All you need to do is create real, authentic, vulnerable and valuable personal AND professional relationships. Then blur the line between the two… this is the secret to success.

You see, even Harvard after conducting the longest and one of the most comprehensive studies in history, covering 75 years and spending $20 million, came to one conclusion – the secret to a fulfilled and happy life is related to the quality of your relationships. Period.

The Beatles were right… (and I know this may sound mushy – but all you need is love!)

Do you really want to be successful? Really…?

Then show me two things – 1) your library and 2) your calendar and I’ll tell you how successful you’re going to be.

I’ve had the opportunity of being with Tom Peters in the same room, and here’s what I learned from him: The Calendar Never Lies.

Hear it from the Uber Guru himself:

And so as Keith would say, “Keep your social calendar full.” I’m sure Keith was onto something… because meaningful relationships and connections matter. A lot.