Superhuman – The FASTEST Email Experience Ever!
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Superhuman – The FASTEST Email Experience Ever!

Do you really need the fastest email experience? Does it make you more productive? Is it worth paying $360 per year?
Superhuman – The FASTEST Email Experience Ever!

Superhuman Email – is the FASTEST email experience around. I’m just wondering when Google will buy them out.

There is, without doubt, a big question… would you pay $1 per day to use email, that saves you time, or would you go a step further and just avoid email altogether or limit your checking to once or twice a day?

Well, $1 per day is around $30 per month or $360 per year, for email… well, actually for a skin, with a couple of fancy shortcuts, that make your user experience ultra-fast.

Despite the wall of love for Superhuman, I thought of sharing something I wrote for Superhuman in 2018, when I finally got access, after a very long waiting process.

The onboarding experience is something that was not-scalable and amazing at the same time. Why? Because they have a person actually help you go through the email and set things up, and learn a few keys. That’s not scalable, but it was worth paying $30 just for that one month to experience it. More companies should do this.

All that aside, here’s my note to the team in 2018 (below), really nothing was implemented but I have faith that they will! 1

While I love the application for its speed, having recently used Spark (over Newton) – I have to admit there are a couple of things you really need to look into to justify the $29/month price vs. free. I’m predominantly using the Mac-native app.

What I love:

  • Speed + Keyboards
  • Similarity with Gmail Shortcuts, so used to Alfred that it was a no brainer.

What’s missing

  • Single View – Inability to see all emails in one inbox, color coded to quickly sort through them (Spark and Newton both provide this). Switching is always a form multitasking and requires an additional level of effort, to be fast, you have to think in linear actions.
  • Calendar – I hear you recently launched this (after Spark / Polymail launched theirs :) Today we spend a good time working with calendar, and replying based on that. Would love to see something (similar to Fantastical!) integrated properly into the app, so we can add time/date.
  • Shortcuts – one of the shortcuts conflict with my Jumpshare (screen share software). There should be an ability to change shortcut keys.
  • Snooze – not knowing whether an email has popped up from a snooze. (Update: Cleared this)
  • Tracking – proper tracking, at an individual level, who opened the email at what time, location, and also if they opened/downloaded a document. (Update: this is caused a bit of controversy for Rahul and his team, with Mike’s article).

What’s wrong

  • Notifications block the email message on the bottom left corner – when you have plenty of space on the right side, why not shift it there?
  • For some reason, the tracking doesn’t work? I tried sending an email, opened it in another app. And there was no notification that it was opened. (Update: Cleared this)

What’s REALLY needed:

  • Non-Google – The ability to use non-Gmail/Google email. I have an outlook account and would like to receive email from that. This is solely for my investments, and no, I don’t wish to forward emails to Gmail.

In my next post, I’ll share my workflow and the challenge I had switching from Spark Mail, and why they were so close to the perfect setup, bar one KEY thing.

If you’re looking to try it out and still waiting – send me an email, and I’ll refer you to get at the front of the queue. No, there’s no incentive for me to do that.

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