Master Negotiation

Become a top 1% world-class negotiator and NEVER lose another negotiation, with these step-by-step instruction, skills & strategies, tools & tactics on how to negotiate better than 99% of people, and get the best deal possible in any transaction. These are tools that the Pros don’t want you to know.

The Anatomy Of The Term Sheet

Understand how the term sheet documents the terms by which an investor (angel or venture capital or private equity) makes an investment in your company.

Work Smart, Not Hard Is Total B.S.

Anyone who preaches that you have to “work smart and not hard”, is crapping shit i.e. bull shit. We have enough of that online, thank you. Work smart and not hard, why? What’s your end result… more money, more fame? More life? Or more time… for what? It’

The fortune is in the follow-up

You’ve probably heard the famous phrase used by sales executives. “The fortune is in the follow up”And it’s true. Because nothing happens overnight, relationships are built over time. Here’s what happened recently. I was looking for a new chair, My preference was for a Herman Miller

3 Little Known Ways To Communicate Better

Here are three nuggets of wisdom that I learned from three different companies; 1) Amazon – the largest online retail store, 2) Unilever – the largest FMCG, and 3) E&Y – probably the largest Professional Service Firm. All these companies have one thing in common – they understand the importance of clarity

No Questions?

One of the most important lessons I learned during my training with Jim Camp, was the importance of asking questions. Contrary to having all the answers and knowing all the moves, it is the way a skilled negotiator uses questions that ultimately steers the course. Without any doubt, the inability

Term Sheets: Tag Along Rights

Tag Along (Co-Sale) Rights gives the shareholders (usually minority) the right but not necessarily the obligation to join (or what we call tag along) in the sale of the company (or accept an offer) when the other remaining shareholders (usually majority) is exiting, under the same price and terms. Purpose:

Term Sheets: Drag Along Rights

Intro: VC/PE firms are financial investors and not strategic. They look for capital appreciation and not income (cash cows). They always do their best to establish a clear exit strategy even before deciding to invest in the company. That means they’re looking to make a return on their

Start With No – The Secret Strategies To Successful Negotiation

During every deal, we enter a phase of negotiation, where we fight over everything from the sale and purchase agreement to the shareholders agreement. The last thing you want is for the deal to drag on. The longer the negotiation takes, the greater the chances of it falling apart. It
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