Private Equity & Venture Capital

You can browse my collection of private equity and venture capital posts that I’ve published over the years, based on a decade of experience.

Finding The Right Investors – A System To Build Strong Relationships

Here’s a step by step system that I use, so that you can find the right investors and build strong relationships with them.

Don’t Build Properties, Build People & The Power Law

– Why regional investors need to start looking at taking more risk if the startup environment is going to succeed. – The Power Law, and why a few successful investments will change the game for the region.

The Anatomy Of The Term Sheet

Understand how the term sheet documents the terms by which an investor (angel or venture capital or private equity) makes an investment in your company.

The Ultimate Guide To Crowdfunding Your Business

What’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Probably the Internet, every imaginable part of our life is being taken over, including funding. In this multi-part series, we’re going to be diving into crowdfunding as an alternative source for funding.

Everyone Is In Marketing & Sales (Really?)

I believe the lack of great marketing & sales is one reason why startups fail. Which is why investors are eager to know how much you're going to spend here.

Uncertainty – Are You Living Or Existing?

The other day, I was coaching a young ambitious banker. He wanted to do something more, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. As we were discussing, it dawned upon me… that he couldn’t handle the uncertainty of an entrepreneurial environment. He needed to be told what

How To Raise Venture Capital Funding (Short Guide)

You can read a more detailed guide on how to raise capital.You start thinking of outside funding. If you have zeroed in and joined the bandwagon of millions seeking Venture Capital funding (VC), you need to distinguish yourself and stand out. It’s easy to talk about VC funding,

Bored With Boards? Anatomy Of An Ideal Board

Too often, private equity investors try to interfere by implementing textbook concepts, when they have very little experience actually running a business. Acknowledge your lack of experience, and bring fresh perspective by addressing the challenges in a new way. Roll up your sleeves, and work the company to get the
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