How I used 99Designs To Save $5,000

99Designs, is the world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. I’ve used them before to create some amazing designs. When your business needs a logo, website design, business card, or anything you can imagine, check out 99Designs.

I used them to rapid prototype the logo for The ZENCAPITA Membership. If you want a more personalized approach, I recommend their 1-on-1 service. You get original designs from designers around the world. The best part? You provide your feedback, and then you end up with a product that you’re happy with or your money back. Click this link and get a free $99 upgrade. Give it a test run.

I signed up for 99Designs to get a logo done for the ZENCAPITA project that I’ve been working on for the last two years. And truth be told the 99Designs experience was amazing and a bit overwhelming! When you run a design contest be ready to be flooded with designs, some crappy – some really good.

Couple of tips to help you – don’t rate any design until the final round, designers have a tendency of seeing the highest rated designs, and doing more designs along those lines – killing the creativity of new designs.

Also, be prepared to respond with your feedback on the logo design improvements immediately – or just eliminate designs immediately. This helps you stay focused.

And take the effort to invite platinum designers, but remember there are great designers who have won more contests than platinum yet for some reason are not rated as platinum by 99D, so check out the recently won contests and find the designers profile and invite them.

Another bonus tip – before doing a contest, if you’re looking for a simple unique alphabetic logo, please check out Fotolia or Depositphotos before holding the contest – many designers copy those designs! It can save you some headache…