Do One Thing

I thought I’d pay my tributes to Richard Russell, an investment newsletter writer who was single handedly been writing The Dow Theory Letters. He passed away crossing the age of 91. That’s a lifespan of knowledge, experience and a sort of fatherly wisdom. You can read more about the announcement here, and his tributes here.

So why am I writing about him, well – he’s one of my inspirations – why I write about investing and similar topics. It’s sad to see such a loss, because he openly shared his thoughts, including his fear of dying.

How many people can continue for so long, doing one single thing – in my humble opinion… very few. Another person who is currently doing that was recently featured in a film called Jiro Dreams of Sushi – a sushi chef master, who makes nothing but sushi. His restaurant has a waiting list of a few months.

Many of us are just gliding through our life, not really sure what we want to do… mostly in search of happiness. Or are you looking for fame and riches. Most people would give up trying to be famous, but being rich – that’s something we hold on to for a long time. I would actually prefer to be rich and anonymous.

Well, maybe it’s time to think about death. Unfortunately, many are trying to figure out how to have a good life, but very few are preparing for a good death.