One Direction

2015 is over. And  we’re entering a new age… well at least I’m one week into the new year!

There are a couple of personal projects that I’ve been working on – some took longer than I expected, but they are slowly taking shape. I guess it takes time to know exactly what you want.

There are tonne of topics that I wanted to write about – but just couldn’t or wouldn’t. When you’re working for someone – you have to respect their position, and not construe any opinions as theirs – even with disclaimers here.

However, there are areas where you can talk freely about without any conflict of interest. Areas that are also fun and interesting. I thought I’d focus on them instead.

So going forward you’ll get a preview of the two projects  that I’m working on right here(aka putting it out there to the universe) and I’ll keep this site for my unadulterated opinions and learning!

Have a great year ahead! (Stay tuned by signing up for my newsletter, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!)