Freedom is your biggest enemy, here’s why…

Let’s begin the games…

As they would say in the gladiator arena. There is a sense of raw power in what happens as the crowd either boos or cheers you. It is brutal, but it is like life. Where things are not fair, and if you don’t fight… you will be food for the lions. Many are gliding through life, as if everything is ok. It sickens me… we’ve become a bunch of weaklings.

Think about this, you survived the competition between 1.2 billion sperms to be brought into this world. That’s a triumph against HUGE odds. And the sad thing is that once we’re in the world… we give up.

Maybe it’s just me… I need the struggle to be alive. It’s just my nature.

Freedom, it’s a universal truth… we all yearn for it. Freedom gives you great power… and with great power, comes great responsibility. The responsibility to exercise self-regulation, self-control, and willpower.

Unfortunately, freedom can be your enemy as well.

Since the beginning of civilization, we’ve been trying to codify the rules of engagement – otherwise each person would do what he/she is “free” to do.

The fact that you can fly in a plane so smoothly, is because those involved in its flight are following the rules that form a system. Imagine telling your ancestors that you could fly… and that too in a steel bird. They’d either worship you or burn you at the stake.

And that’s where we fail. As society, through many years of evolution… we create many Brules – Bullshit Rules (hat tip to Vishen Lakhiani for this word) in our lives. We don’t question them, we just follow them because someone who is dead told us to.

Nothing wrong with this, in fact some of them are for our safety. But if safety was the only thing in life, we would never risk anything.

I invite you to ask yourself, which “brule” do you follow that you think is not quite right.