Do You Suffer From These Limiting Beliefs & Invisible Scripts About Money?

Everyone suffers from these invisible scripts in some way or the other. The rich and wealthy, however, have managed to address them and control them. Read these and ask yourself, which ones do you suffer from?

  1. Money is dirty. You have to sell your soul to the devil (Money Is The Root Of All Evil)
  2. The more you have, the more you’ll want. You only became rich, because you are ruthless, cheat, or dishonest… no one can make money like that so quickly. (Rich People Are Greedy And Dishonest)
  3. You don’t have enough. (There Is Not Enough)
  4. You have to work really hard to get rich – so save as much money as you can, don’t spend anything! (Life Is A Struggle)
  5. You’re not making progress with money, just keep losing it. (One Step Forward, Two Steps Back)
  6. You can’t have money and serve God. (Money vs. Mormon)
  7. If I’m successful, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me. (You Lose Your Friends If You Get Rich)
  8. Too much money will make you unhappy, or… happiness and money make poor bedfellows. Money corrupts, you have to sacrifice health, family, morals and happiness. (I Might Forget My Roots, And Not Like The Person I’ve Become)
  9. Blessed are the poor, for they will inherit… (Better To Be Poor)
  10. I wasn’t meant to be rich, this is my fate. (I’m Not Worthy)