What would it be like to see four generations?

Early morning I woke up to hear the sad news that my grand mother, had passed away. She was the last of my remaining grandparents I had, and that was a privilege to have spent time with her.

She was a strong willed lady, having been married off at the age of 16 and brought into this world, 9 children (11 actually, two had actually died soon after birth), and countless grandchildren like myself, and even a larger number of great grandchildren. She had practically seen 4 generations.

I wonder what it would be like to have seen four generations, yet she never spoke through lectures or any parental advice. She probably saw all the mistakes her children made, their children and the generation after. Maybe she realized there was no point in correcting :) so she just let them be.

Today, there’s so much psychology that goes into parenting. But there really is no guide book on this, it’s something you wing, and you know works out eventually.

Ammachi will always be remembered for her dedication to her family. We will miss her.