Solar Eclipse Vs. Market

The last solar eclipse was in February 1979 – and quite often, people attribute some dark changes. Eclipses also tend to usher in sweeping change as some astrologers believe. And about 99 years ago, in 1918 an eclipse famously gave the opportunity to make measurements to test one of the predictions of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

And while I’m not sure how solar eclipses affect the markets, I can say for sure that the solar industry probably raised its head once the lights were out. Whether that caused someone to short solar stocks – I don’t know. Maybe the following chart from LPL research can help us look at the “bright side” of things.

However, one thing is for sure – we rely upon the sun to energize ourselves. The position of the planets and stars certainly do have some effect on us and our planet.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own change. So I thought I’d explore the idea of publishing one post a day going forward. I’ve done it once, so why not continue going forward as we enter a new era.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with Bonnie Tyler’s – The total eclipse of the heart!