Productivity & Time

Looking to increase your productivity? Check out this collection of posts that discuss productivity tips, strategies and tactics.

Superhuman – The FASTEST Email Experience Ever!

Do you really need the fastest email experience? Does it make you more productive? Is it worth paying $360 per year?

No Email Policy (How I Stopped Using Email To Double My Productivity)

Would a no-email policy even be possible? Sounds absurd. Yet, if you think about it, at the back of your mind - you know there might be something to it...

Here’s Why I Broke Up With Dropbox & Switched To Google Drive…

Find out why I broke up with Dropbox and switched to Google Drive. Was it because the Desk Is Dead or because Google was a bigger platform for the cloud?

How Eisenhower helped me slay the ASAP beast

When someone says ASAP (a small four letter word that destroys productivity), it diminishes the value of any other request that doesn’t have ASAP.

Get $hit Done With This Extremely Simple Productivity Tool

Learn how Time Blocking with the Pomodoro Technique is the best way to get more done in 25 minutes, so you can build focus and maximize productivity!

Why I want this to be a dialogue and not a diary.

So what do you think? Should this be a diary or a dialogue? Here are my reasons why I removed comments and dates. The reason might surprise you.

I am betting that history will not repeat itself.

Quitting Social Media. Is it a necessary evil or is it impossible?

The Checklist Manifesto [Book Review / Summary]

Dr Atul Gawande, couldn’t stand seeing such mistakes happen so he wrote The Checklist Manifesto to show you how a simple tool - the checklist - could make a difference between life and death.
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