Productivity & Time

Looking to increase your productivity? Check out this collection of posts that discuss productivity tips, strategies and tactics.

Minimalism: The Capitalist Who Turned Minimalist

All my friends know how capitalist I am. I’ve done enough studying to figure out how communists are destroying this world. Of and on, I followed minimalism, from being a bachelor with just one frying pan – to a hyper focused individual. But recently, I stumbled upon the recent indie

When People Pay, They Pay Attention

I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again… I have a love-hate relationship with Medium. And today’s message from the Founder, Ev Williams is going to make more people have similar feelings. If you read the comments below his post – you’ll understand why. I don’

Work Smart, Not Hard Is Total B.S.

Anyone who preaches that you have to “work smart and not hard”, is crapping shit i.e. bull shit. We have enough of that online, thank you. Work smart and not hard, why? What’s your end result… more money, more fame? More life? Or more time… for what? It’

Document, Don’t Create – Hat Tip Gary Vaynerchuck

First, watch this video… The history books are written by the successors. Well, if everyone had been documenting their journey, we would be able to decide for ourselves, the real history behind everything. I’ve always documented and recorded like a maniac – but never published it publicly. Seeing this video,

Information Overload – 7 Tips On How To Handle It

Every minute 500 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube and over 131,000 videos are consumed every second. Our attention spans have diminished from 20 seconds to 8 seconds, and some say to 4 seconds now. Some of you won’t even read beyond the headline, if you’ve

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Let’s put it this way, there are things you can control, and things you cannot control. Energy is on the inside, time is on the outside. It’s not about time management – it’s about energy management. In short, you have more energy in the morning, and the that’

The fortune is in the follow-up

You’ve probably heard the famous phrase used by sales executives. “The fortune is in the follow up”And it’s true. Because nothing happens overnight, relationships are built over time. Here’s what happened recently. I was looking for a new chair, My preference was for a Herman Miller

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail – The 100 Day Plans

What Are 100 Day PlansPrivate Equity firms have to generate value, that’s why people hand over large amounts of money to them. As soon as the investment is made, the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) clock starts ticking. When a private equity firm invests in a business, there’s
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