Relationship Building & Networking

Build a network of powerful connections, for wealth, success and happiness & gain access to any VIP. Trained by Keith Ferrazzi, the best-selling and most connected master relationship builder – you’ll get the best insights on how I build long-lasting relationships.

Finding The Right Investors – A System To Build Strong Relationships

Here’s a step by step system that I use, so that you can find the right investors and build strong relationships with them.

Everyone Is In Marketing & Sales (Really?)

I believe the lack of great marketing & sales is one reason why startups fail. Which is why investors are eager to know how much you're going to spend here.

Know Your Self & Focus On Your Strengths

Why knowing what type of person you are is critical to your success and productivity. And why most people utilize their strengths and weaknesses incorrectly.

Work Smart, Not Hard Is Total B.S.

Anyone who preaches that you have to “work smart and not hard”, is crapping shit i.e. bull shit. We have enough of that online, thank you. Work smart and not hard, why? What’s your end result… more money, more fame? More life? Or more time… for what? It’

The fortune is in the follow-up

You’ve probably heard the famous phrase used by sales executives. “The fortune is in the follow up”And it’s true. Because nothing happens overnight, relationships are built over time. Here’s what happened recently. I was looking for a new chair, My preference was for a Herman Miller

Here’s why your network is your net worth…

Daniel sent out an email to his alumni list seeking capital for a startup. This was in November. Four months later, he raised $8 million thanks to that one email. That’s Daniel Zumino, angel investor and founder of BCG Paris – who sent that email to his Stanford GSB alumni

Where did all the investors go?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if someone walked up to you and said… “Hi, my name is Joe and I’m an investor. I want to allow you to use my money in your deals!” Keep dreaming. Investors are typically not hiding. It’s just that you don’t know

This is how you build trust online

I was recently approached by an email subscriber raising funds for his charity. I don’t know the person well enough, other than through my email list. He seemed to be sincere, but he’s in a country far away that I can’t even relate to (no, not Nigeria)
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